Author: Jamie Dekelbaum

What are Renewable Energy Credits?

A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) is created for every megawatt hour (or 1,000 kilowatt hours) produced by a renewable energy source – like solar. How are RECs monetized? RECs are sold to the utility and third-party electricity suppliers whom are required to purchase renewable energy – either through generation or RECs. The required amount is […]

Connecticut Solar for Commercial Businesses: A look at 2021 incentives and regulatory policy

Pro-business regulatory policy and state specific financial incentive programs have helped Connecticut become one of the most financially favorable states in the nation for commercial solar investment. In addition to incentives afforded at the federal level, such as the Investment Tax Credit and the option to accelerate the depreciation to maximize solar’s tax advantage, business’s who […]

Genie Solar Energy is proud to be featured in North American Outlook by Outlook Publishing’s most recent publication for our impact on Powering America.

Genie Solar Energy is proud to be featured in North American Outlook by Outlook Publishing’s most recent publication for our impact on #PoweringAmerica. Highlighted along with Genie Energy subsidiaries, Prism Solar Technologies, Inc. and Diversegy, LLC, our Managing Director, Sara Schwandt talks about solar solutions and how we are working to drive the #CleanEnergyRevolution forward for our commercial and industrial customers by #PoweringAmerica. Read more at:

Genie Solar Energy Completes Rooftop Solar Installation Using Panels Made In America

Genie Solar Energy partnered with Kraft Power Corporation to build a 57.5 kW rooftop solar system. Installed at its distribution center in Pompton Plains, NJ, it will supply Kraft with enough clean electricity to offset the equivalent CO2 emissions generated by burning over 447,960 pounds of coal, 1,008,804 miles driven by combustion powered cars or 46 […]

Demand Charge Cost Reduction through an Installed Genie Solar Energy System.

Demand charges account for as much as 40-70% of your business’s monthly utility bill. But these charges may be the easiest cost component of your utility bill to control. What are demand changes? Demand charges on a commercial or industrial electricity bill are applied based on the highest interval of electricity usage during any billing […]

With the new Biden administration, should my business invest in solar?

The recent inauguration is expected to bring about many changes in the nation’s energy policy. With many thinking that a new era of support for clean energy will usher in a Green Wave.  Our nation’s growing energy needs will be met by more and more clean energy. However, it does pose a short term dilemma […]

New Jersey Solar TREC Program

NJ TREC: Time Is Running Out For Best State Incentive Business owners have many financial incentives available to make going solar financially enticing. On a federal level there are two incentives: the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and accelerated depreciation through MARCS. In addition, there are often incentives within various states. Currently, the State of New […]

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