Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

We are more than just a solar company. Companies can reduce their overall energy spend in a variety of ways including upgrading lighting to LEDs or as simple as shopping for the best energy supply rate.


Solar energy is one of the fastest growing forms of renewable energy with numerous economic and environmental benefits that make it an attractive complement to and/or substitute for traditional forms of energy generation. The fact that a PV solar power system requires no fuel provides a unique and valuable hedging benefit to owners of such systems relative to traditional energy generation assets. Once installed, PV solar power systems can function for 25 or more years with relatively less maintenance or oversight compared to traditional forms of energy generation. In addition to these economic benefits, solar energy has substantial environmental benefits. For example, PV solar power systems generate no greenhouse gas and other emissions and use no or minimal amounts of water compared to traditional forms of electricity generation.

Energy Supply

Genie Solar Energy is a subsidiary of the commercial energy advisory, Diversegy. Diversegy works with customer reduce costs and mitigate risk on energy supply costs. They have an established network of over 35 energy suppliers, to leverage and find the best products, prices and terms based on your specific energy supply needs. They can structure your deal based on an array of fixed, indexed, or blended rate pricing options in order to ensure your risk is managed in a way that best suits your business.

LED Lighting

With an LED strategy in place:
  • Low voltage LED lighting means 80% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, lasting 20X longer
  • LED bulbs generate no heat – use less AC in the summer
  • Many shapes, sizes, and colors are available
  • LEDs offer better quality lighting, higher efficacy and instant brightening
  • A safer form of lighting, LEDs generate no UV emissions and contain no mercury

Solar Charging Station

Power where you need it. No unnecessary fuel or plugging into another power source. Easily assembled in 15 minutes by two people, it can move where you need it, when you need it. Or make it a permanent fixture – setting you apart from your competition.

An in stock, American made product, this has a large battery for storage and can operate 24 hours a day. The all aluminum, heavy gauge construction makes it weatherproof and ready to be in the elements 24/7.

Smarter Meter

Since the advent of Smart Meter technology, Utility companies have had access to valuable data – your real-time electricity consumption patterns – and have left you in the dark. They gain complete visibility into exactly when and how you use energy, giving them the power and control to charge you more when you need energy the most, during peak usage times. A Diversegy Smarter Meter changes that.

Our clients can have that same access and complete transparency into their real-time usage, just like the utilities do. With this data, you can manage, react and respond to spikes and surges in your demand in real-time. Know when it’s most optimal to run machinery in order to maximize efficiency. See the immediate impact of running heating and cooling equipment at a few degrees higher or lower throughout a workday and shift scheduled production hours to periods when electricity prices are lowest. You have the power to reduce, flatten and shift your demand based on actual consumption data!

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