Wiley Property Management Case Study

The installation of the solar array on the roof of storage facility is leveraging a limited regulation called “Group Hosting”. Group hosting is a method where a group of businesses or individuals share the installation and use of a larger solar array on a single property.

Bake Crafters Food Company

Bake Crafters’ commercial solar array is a remarkable example of sustainability in action. With an output capacity of 800 kW and predictions of offsetting 770 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Integra Biosciences

Integra Biosciences’ Commercial Solar project achieves 22% IRR and aligns with the company’s global sustainability goals and commitments. The two installations total 572-kW and generate enough power to offset 844,000 kWh.

Commercial Solar Case Study – Kraft Power Power

Kraft Power utilized American made solar panels to install a 57.5 kW system on their roof. The new rooftop solar system, will help Kraft Power offset 100% of the electricity usage every year.

Commercial Solar Case Study – Cardoza Flooring

The flooring company has built a commercial solar system to offset 100% of their electricity at their showroom and distribution center in NH.

Genie Energy Ltd., (NYSE: GNE, GNEPRA) is a global energy solutions company. We supply customers in the US and Europe with electricity, including electricity generated from renewable resources and with natural gas. Through Genie Solar Energy and Prism Solar, we design, construct and install commercial solar energy solutions. We provide commercial and industrial clients with energy brokerage and consultative services through our Diversegy brand.