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Commercial Solar

How The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) Will Affect Businesses Going Solar

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is the largest investment in US infrastructure and includes major provisions for energy. With wide ranging initiatives from nuclear, hydrogen, and EV charging, the $550 billion investment will bring much needed change as we move to a more sustainable future. The investments in clean energy will boost the […]

Genie Solar Energy

Employee Spotlight: Kristin McCabe

With an open mind and yearning to become a both a leader and innovator, Kristin didn’t follow a rigid path to find her career in solar. She attended Rutgers University and earned her Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Public Health. While in college, she worked evenings and weekends for a residential solar […]

Genie Solar Energy

Employee Profile: Mark Kessler

Mark Kessler recently joined the Genie Solar Energy team to assist clients in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia. His background and experience in the energy industry is an excellent fit to help clients in all regions further their energy and sustainability goals. Mark is a lifelong resident of Maryland and former local utility (BGE) substation […]

Genie Solar Energy

New Jersey Now Requires Solar For All NEW Construction Warehouses

New Jersey enacted legislation the requires all newly constructed warehouses to be solar-ready. Who: New Jersey New Construction Warehouses When: Applications for a construction permit that has not been declared complete by the enforcing agency before July 1, 2022 What Does Solar Ready Mean: According to the Department of Community Affairs buildings must leave the […]

Electric Rates Rise Again

Pennsylvania Electric Rates Up 34%

Business owners continue to see the cost of energy increase above inflation rates ahead of a cold winter. Pennsylvania clients electricity supply rates are increasing up to 34% this winter. For high energy consumers, this means a significant increase to their operating budget in an economy already facing multiple challenges. There are a few things […]

Genie Solar Energy

Employee Profile: Seth Mansur

Seth Mansur is a renewable energy strategist and joined Genie Solar Energy to improve the bottom line of commercial & industrial clients. After spending nearly a decade working in the energy industry serving multimillion-dollar companies to startups, Seth excels at evaluating market opportunities to determine an optimal path to achieve their goals. With the energy […]

Iron Batteries – Could This Be The Commercial Storage Solution?

Bloomberg recently reported that ESS Inc’s iron-flow storage technologies could be the long-duration storage technology that we have been looking for.  The company claims that the technology can not only store renewable energy longer, but help overcome some the reliability issues causing blackouts in California and the record-high energy prices currently seen in Europe.   […]

Genie Solar Energy

Employee Profile: Bill Schmitz – Solar & Battery Engineer Expert

Bill Schmitz worked with Genie Energy (NYSE:GNE) to establish and develop Genie Solar in 2016. As the General Manager, Bill leads the team in engineering, project management, supply chain reliance, vendor management, and product development. Strategically guiding and assisting our staff to create and design energy systems that support our commercial solar clients’ needs. Prior […]

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