Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Case Study

Bake Crafters Food Company



Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Array is the company’s first of many steps in leading the way for a more sustainable future.

Bake Crafters - Serving customers for over 30 years

Bake Crafters is a family-owned, nationwide business that offers unparalleled excellence in baking goods for K12, colleges and universities, healthcare, military institutions, in-store bakeries, and restaurants. They have established a presence throughout all 50 states to ensure customers large and small across the nation are able to enjoy, creative, healthy, and flavorful products.

“Our hope was to lower our overall carbon footprint and be an example to our industry colleagues that going green can be possible for everyone."

Michael Byrd, Owner of Bake Crafters


Location | Lebanon, PA

Output Capacity | 800-kW

Panels | 1,600

Project Type | Roof Mount

Bake Crafters, a commercial baking facility based in Lebanon, PA, recently took a big step on their path to greener operations with the installation of an 800-kw commercial solar array. This impressive investment serves two important goals: cutting energy expenses without compromising their commitment to reduce carbon consumption. This installation is the latest move in Bake Crafters’ long-term approach to sustainability — they plan to keep exploring and investing in renewable energy sources and technologies going forward. Bake Crafters are confident that their commitment to commercial solar power will demonstrate the viability of adopting similar practices for other businesses in their field.

Bake Crafters’ commercial solar array is a remarkable example of sustainability in action. With an output capacity of 800 kW and predictions of offsetting 770 metric tons of carbon emissions, the commercial solar array is anticipated to provide an abundant clean energy resource for many years to come. This equates to the energy consumption of 97 households on a yearly basis, demonstrating the sheer scale of renewable output that this commercial solar system will generate. As the global demand for green energy rises and more stringent environmental requirements are set, it’s installations such as these which will help us meet our environmental responsibilities and safeguard the future of generations to come.

Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Case Study
Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Array
Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Case Study

“We were happy to partner with Genie Solar Energy, their expertise, and use of USA made components was big differentiator. They were able to make good on their promises of keeping the project on schedule. We found the whole project to go easily and stress free. Working with Genie has been a very positive experience.”

Michael Byrd, Owner of Bake Crafters


coal not burned

770 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions Offset Each Year

miles not driven

1,910,378 miles not driven by gas-powered cars each year

houses per year

Enough energy to power 97 homes every year

gallons of gas

86,602 gallons of gasoline not used every year

barrels of oil

1,782 barrels of oil not used every year


return on investment

6 year Return on Investment leveraging ITC, Depreciation, and REC’s

yearly cash flow

$131k / year direct improvement to yearly cash flow

rate of return

12% Internal Rate of Return


Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Array
Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Case Study
Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Case Study
Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Case Study
Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Case Study
Bake Crafters Commercial Solar Case Study


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