Market Updates

Electric Rates Rise Again

Pennsylvania Electric Rates Up 34%

Business owners continue to see the cost of energy increase above inflation rates ahead of a cold winter. Pennsylvania clients electricity supply rates are increasing up to 34% this winter. For high energy consumers, this means a significant increase to their operating budget in an economy already facing multiple challenges. There are a few things […]

Commercial BiFacial Install

2021 New Jersey Commercial Solar Incentives – Business RECs

New Jersey commercial solar incentive are some the country’s top incentives. The state incentives plus the federal tax benefits can provide your company an ROI in year 3. Plus, solar provides long-term stability against rising electricity rates. Maximizing the benefits available are key to making a smart, long-term investment.  The NJ BPU recently voted to […]

Connecticut Solar for Commercial Businesses: A look at 2021 incentives and regulatory policy

Pro-business regulatory policy and state specific financial incentive programs have helped Connecticut become one of the most financially favorable states in the nation for commercial solar investment. In addition to incentives afforded at the federal level, such as the Investment Tax Credit and the option to accelerate the depreciation to maximize solar’s tax advantage, business’s who […]

New Jersey Solar TREC Program

NJ TREC: Time Is Running Out For Best State Incentive Business owners have many financial incentives available to make going solar financially enticing. On a federal level there are two incentives: the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and accelerated depreciation through MARCS. In addition, there are often incentives within various states. Currently, the State of New […]

Solar Investment Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal tax credit to incentivize solar projects for commercial businesses. Since the ITC began in 2006, the solar industry has grown by 10,000%. Even with the extensive growth, solar only represents 2.5% of the energy production across the country. The ITC was at 30% through 2019 and […]

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