Lancing Community Solar by Genie Solar Energy

Genie Solar Energy Achieves Notice to Proceed on Lancing, NY Community Solar

Genie Solar Energy’s Latest Milestone: A 6.25-Megawatt Community Solar Farm in Upstate New York

Genie Solar Energy is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize the energy landscape. We have achieved the notice to proceed (NTP) for a 6.25-megawatt (DC) community solar farm in Upstate New York, marking a major step towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

The Lansing, New York community solar array will span nearly 20 acres, housing approximately 14,000 solar panels. This ambitious project is set to generate sufficient electricity to power around one thousand local homes, making a meaningful sustainability and financial impact on the community.

“We’re delighted to have advanced our Lansing, New York community solar project to NTP, and look forward to initiating site preparation and construction this fall,” expressed Michael Stein, CEO of Genie Energy. ” Throughout this process, we have worked with the input of local stakeholders including the Lansing Planning Board and Tompkins County Administrator to ensure that this project meets the needs and concerns of the citizens of Lansing and neighboring communities.”

We understand that the road to a sustainable future requires commitment and collaboration. Genie Solar Energy intends to be the long-term owner operator of the Lansing community solar farm, ensuring responsible stewardship and continuous support for the surrounding communities.

Our dedication to renewable energy solutions goes beyond this ambitious project. In addition to the Lansing community solar farm, we have a 4-megawatt community solar project currently under construction in Perry, New York. Moreover, we are actively advancing development on several early-stage projects at multiple sites in the Northeast and Midwest. Together, these initiatives form the bedrock of a green revolution in the making.

At Genie Solar Energy, we are passionate about paving the way for a sustainable, greener tomorrow. Our vision transcends figures and projects; it embodies our shared responsibility to safeguard the environment and empower communities with reliable, renewable, and affordable energy solutions.

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