Integra Commercial Solar Case Study

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Integra Biosciences' Commercial Solar project achieves 22% IRR and aligns with the company's global sustainability goals and commitments

Integra Biosciences - Developer and Manufacturer of Medical Plastics

Laboratory professionals in the life sciences industry require precision and productivity when moving liquids, and INTEGRA has developed solutions to fulfill these needs since 1965. Their pipetting and media preparation tools offer consistent results, meaning researchers can accurately measure, manipulate and prepare solutions with ease. For over five decades, INTEGRA has provided reliable tools that assist our customers in research diagnostic work and quality control testing; offering reliable accuracy for all laboratory activities.


"We draw our inspiration from our employees who think critically about their own carbon footprint and make a difference in their communities every day.”

Hannah Trull, US Solar Energy Project Manager, Integra


Location | Hudson, NH

Output Capacity | 572-kW

Panels | 1,468

Project Type | Roof Mount

The two INTEGRA Biosciences installations total 572 kW and generate enough power to offset 844,000 kWh – equiva- lent to the annual electricity consumption of 96 houses. Over the next 25 years, they will eliminate CO2 emissions equivalent to burning over 14 million pounds of coal or driving 34 million miles.

In recent years, INTEGRA has conducted a coordinated, global effort to reduce its impact on the environment. Its effort has been supported by which continuously assesses and monitors the impact of INTEGRA’s global operations according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, helping the company to minimize and offset its carbon footprint.

Commercial Solar Case Study
Commercial Solar Case Study
Commercial Solar Case Study

"These solar installations on our US facilities align with INTEGRA’s global sustainability efforts. In combination with our partnership with and our new line of products that utilize 60% less plastic, these installations from Genie Solar Energy are helping us to make great progress toward more sustainable global operations."

Hannah Trull, US Solar Energy Project Manager, Integra


coal not burned

589 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions Offset Each Year

miles not driven

1,484,677 miles not driven by gas-powered cars each year

houses per year

Enough energy to power 75 homes every year

gallons of gas

58,755 gallons of gasoline not used every year

barrels of oil

1,385 barrels of oil not used every year


return on investment

4 year Return on Investment leveraging ITC, Depreciation, and RECs

yearly cash flow

$125k / year direct improvement to yearly cash flow

rate of return

22% Internal Rate of Return


Commercial Solar Case Study
Commercial Solar Case Study
Commercial Solar Case Study
Commercial Solar Case Study
Commercial Solar Case Study
Commercial Solar Case Study


Genie Energy Ltd., (NYSE: GNE, GNEPRA) is a global energy solutions company. We supply customers in the US and Europe with electricity, including electricity generated from renewable resources and with natural gas. Through Genie Solar Energy and Prism Solar, we design, construct and install commercial solar energy solutions. We provide commercial and industrial clients with energy brokerage and consultative services through our Diversegy brand.