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New Jersey Now Requires Solar For All NEW Construction Warehouses

New Jersey enacted legislation the requires all newly constructed warehouses to be solar-ready.

Who: New Jersey New Construction Warehouses

NJ Warehouse Construction

New Construction Warehouses in NJ Require Solar

When: Applications for a construction permit that has not been declared complete by the enforcing agency before July 1, 2022

What Does Solar Ready Mean: According to the Department of Community Affairs buildings must leave the required surface area of a roof free from obstruction for the purpose of installing solar panels, the roof load capacity is required to hold solar panels, and buildings must contain pathways for routing electrical conduit or plumbing from the roof to the electrical service.

A warehouse is defined as any building, room, structure, or facility of at least 10,000 square feet and is used primarily for the storage of goods intended for sale.

NJ Bill A 3352 was approved by the governor on November 8, 2021.

Businesses building new construction should take advantage of the many state and federal incentives to go a step further and install solar panels. With the current SiSu REC program in New Jersey plus the federal ITC and depreciation, they system will more than pay for itself.New Jersey Now Requires Solar For All NEW Construction Warehouses

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