New Jersey Now Requires Solar For All NEW Construction Warehouses

New Jersey enacted legislation the requires all newly constructed warehouses to be solar-ready. Who: New Jersey New Construction Warehouses When: Applications for a construction permit that has not been declared complete by the enforcing agency before July 1, 2022 What Does Solar Ready Mean: According to the Department of Community Affairs buildings must leave the […]

Pennsylvania Electric Rates Up 34%

Business owners continue to see the cost of energy increase above inflation rates ahead of a cold winter. Pennsylvania clients electricity supply rates are increasing up to 34% this winter. For high energy consumers, this means a significant increase to their operating budget in an economy already facing multiple challenges. There are a few things […]

Employee Profile: Seth Mansur

Seth Mansur is a renewable energy strategist and joined Genie Solar Energy to improve the bottom line of commercial & industrial clients. After spending nearly a decade working in the energy industry serving multimillion-dollar companies to startups, Seth excels at evaluating market opportunities to determine an optimal path to achieve their goals. With the energy […]

Iron Batteries – Could This Be The Commercial Storage Solution?

Bloomberg recently reported that ESS Inc’s iron-flow storage technologies could be the long-duration storage technology that we have been looking for.  The company claims that the technology can not only store renewable energy longer, but help overcome some the reliability issues causing blackouts in California and the record-high energy prices currently seen in Europe.   […]

Employee Profile: Bill Schmitz – Solar & Battery Engineer Expert

Bill Schmitz worked with Genie Energy (NYSE:GNE) to establish and develop Genie Solar in 2016. As the General Manager, Bill leads the team in engineering, project management, supply chain reliance, vendor management, and product development. Strategically guiding and assisting our staff to create and design energy systems that support our commercial solar clients’ needs. Prior […]

2021 New Jersey Commercial Solar Incentives – Business RECs

New Jersey commercial solar incentive are some the country’s top incentives. The state incentives plus the federal tax benefits can provide your company an ROI in year 3. Plus, solar provides long-term stability against rising electricity rates. Maximizing the benefits available are key to making a smart, long-term investment.  The NJ BPU recently voted to […]

Rising US Electricity Prices and Supply Constraints Make Solar More Attractive

Electricity futures prices are soaring. In the New England power market alone, the forward pricing for January-February 2022 have already increased from $40-$50 / MWh in recent years to $150 / MWh. Considering the inflation, the country is seeing as a whole, rising electricity prices will not come to a surprise to most. Natural gas […]

What are Renewable Energy Credits?

A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) is created for every megawatt hour (or 1,000 kilowatt hours) produced by a renewable energy source – like solar. How are RECs monetized? RECs are sold to the utility and third-party electricity suppliers whom are required to purchase renewable energy – either through generation or RECs. The required amount is […]

Connecticut Solar for Commercial Businesses: A look at 2021 incentives and regulatory policy

Pro-business regulatory policy and state specific financial incentive programs have helped Connecticut become one of the most financially favorable states in the nation for commercial solar investment. In addition to incentives afforded at the federal level, such as the Investment Tax Credit and the option to accelerate the depreciation to maximize solar’s tax advantage, business’s who […]

Genie Solar Energy is proud to be featured in North American Outlook by Outlook Publishing’s most recent publication for our impact on Powering America.

Genie Solar Energy is proud to be featured in North American Outlook by Outlook Publishing’s most recent publication for our impact on #PoweringAmerica. Highlighted along with Genie Energy subsidiaries, Prism Solar Technologies, Inc. and Diversegy, LLC, our Managing Director, Sara Schwandt talks about solar solutions and how we are working to drive the #CleanEnergyRevolution forward for our commercial and industrial customers by #PoweringAmerica. Read more at:

Genie Solar Energy Completes Rooftop Solar Installation Using Panels Made In America

Genie Solar Energy partnered with Kraft Power Corporation to build a 57.5 kW rooftop solar system. Installed at its distribution center in Pompton Plains, NJ, it will supply Kraft with enough clean electricity to offset the equivalent CO2 emissions generated by burning over 447,960 pounds of coal, 1,008,804 miles driven by combustion powered cars or 46 […]

Demand Charge Cost Reduction through an Installed Genie Solar Energy System.

Demand charges account for as much as 40-70% of your business’s monthly utility bill. But these charges may be the easiest cost component of your utility bill to control. What are demand changes? Demand charges on a commercial or industrial electricity bill are applied based on the highest interval of electricity usage during any billing […]

Utility Rate to Compare with Solar

How do you calculate the utility rate to compare for solar?   A customer’s ROI calculation can vary significantly based on two key items: the local incentives and the local utility rates. Take the same size roof in Tennessee and New Jersey and you will have an ROI that can vary by 7+ years. Why […]

With the new Biden administration, should my business invest in solar?

The recent inauguration is expected to bring about many changes in the nation’s energy policy. With many thinking that a new era of support for clean energy will usher in a Green Wave.  Our nation’s growing energy needs will be met by more and more clean energy. However, it does pose a short term dilemma […]

New Jersey Solar TREC Program

NJ TREC: Time Is Running Out For Best State Incentive Business owners have many financial incentives available to make going solar financially enticing. On a federal level there are two incentives: the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and accelerated depreciation through MARCS. In addition, there are often incentives within various states. Currently, the State of New […]

Solar Investment Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal tax credit to incentivize solar projects for commercial businesses. Since the ITC began in 2006, the solar industry has grown by 10,000%. Even with the extensive growth, solar only represents 2.5% of the energy production across the country. The ITC was at 30% through 2019 and […]

Go Solar Now Or Wait For Biden To Take Office

The big question many of our customers are asking: Should I wait to go solar until President-Elect Biden takes office and potential new incentives are announced?   Simply put: why wait? There are many unknowns within the green plan and questions around how much policy will get pushed through without a bipartisan Congress. Additionally, the […]

New Jersey Solar TREC Program

The NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU) announced the approval of the Transition Incentive Program which will provide some certainty to solar projects until a successor program is announced. The current SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) program will expire once 5.1% of the NJ megawatt hours are supplied by qualified solar generation. Once the capacity […]

US Lawmakers decrease ITC

Yesterday US lawmakers announced that the Investment Tax Credit (a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the income taxes that a person or company would otherwise pay the federal government) of 30% was not extended and will step down to 26% in 2020. In 2021 the ITC will further step down to 22%, and in the following year […]

Commercial Solar in New Hampshire

The cost of solar has dropped 47% in the last 5 years. And yet, only 0.61% of New Hampshire’s electricity is generated from solar. Likely one of the reasons New Hampshire’s electricity rates are ranked 6th highest in the country. With rates over 16¢/kWh for residential and over 13¢ for commercial, consumers often find a quick […]

Tax Credits Set To Phase Out

The Solar Investment Tax Credit, of ITC, is set to phase out over the next couple of years. The ITC is a federal incentive, available in all states for both homeowners and businesses. After 2019 the tax credit will drop from 30% to 26%. In 2021, the tax credit will drop further to 22% and […]

New York to become 100% Carbon-Free

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of a new initiative called “Green New Deal” Tuesday. The plan outlines for New York to achieve 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040. If approved by the state legislature, New York would have the most aggressive, legally binding, clean energy target in the country.  The goal for distributed […]

Made In The USA

Solar Manufacturing in the USA The solar market in the USA is booming. Tax and utility incentives, increased acceleration of depreciation, and sustainability goals set forth by the public and private sectors are the main driving factors. Increased availability to financing, community solar friendly states, and technology improvements all are apart of the growth. In […]

The Benefit of Being Two Faced

Source: TUV Rheinland “It’s good to be two-faced!” said no business person. Yet with solar energy, being two faced could be a huge benefit. Bifacial solar panels have solar cells on both the top and bottom of the panel. This allows them to capture energy from both sides by using the reflection of light on the […]

The Oil-Rich Middle East Is Also Sun Rich, And Now It’s Pushing Solar Hard

The Oil-Rich Middle East Is Also Sun Rich, And Now It’s Pushing Solar Hard As oil revenues dry up, can Arab countries replace one abundant energy source with another? Is it possible that Saudi Arabia is more forward-thinking than the U.S. when it comes to the end of oil, and sustainable alternatives? The answer is, […]

Corporate America Loves Solar Energy

Corporate America Loves Solar Energy Household companies like Target, Apple, and Walmart are some of the biggest solar customers in the U.S. today. The decision to install solar panels can be driven by factors like a desire to use clean energy or an interest in becoming more self-sufficient when it comes to electricity. But when […]

Which cities are the greatest users of solar power?

Which cities are the greatest users of solar power? The people getting rooftop solar are not who you think they are.  Sunny California continues to lead the nation in rooftop solar installations, but that’s not what’s most surprising about the new numbers from state utility regulators.Solar’s greatest appeal is not in any tony enclave of […]

Utilities Are Losing the Battle Against Solar Energy

Utilities Are Losing the Battle Against Solar Energy Fighting solar energy won’t be a path to success for utilities across the country. Rooftop solar energy is becoming a financially viable way for millions of U.S. consumers to generate their own electricity — and utilities are doing everything to kill the solar boom before it gains […]

Las Vegas’ Is Now Powered Entirely by Renewable Energy

Las Vegas’ Is Now Powered Entirely by Renewable Energy Las Vegas is now the largest city in the country to run entirely on renewable energy. Just last week, Las Vegas announced it has reached its goal of powering the city government entirely with renewable energy, meeting a goal the city has been working toward for […]

An ancient cathedral in England is getting solar panels

An ancient cathedral in England is getting solar panels For more than 1,300 years the site of Gloucester Cathedral, in the south west of England, has been a place of continuous worship. Rich in history, it is home to the tomb of King Edward II, who died in 1327. Now, it has become one of […]

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