In some states you can over-build a solar system on one site and ‘sell’ the additional electricity generated to another site. The state laws and regulations can determine what is eligible.

In New Hampshire they call this a ‘Group Host’ – you can build a 100 kW-AC system and have up to 3 off-takers. This works well if you have a large distribution facility and a smaller office with lots of shade. For one of our customers, we built the solar array on the roof of the distribution center and ‘sent’ the additional production to be credited at the retail location. In another scenario, we built two systems on two different storage facilities and ‘sent’ the additional production to a fast-food restaurant.

In Massachusetts, we built a solar array on top of a small commercial facility that did not have much electricity usage. Rather than offsetting their costs, we were able to generate additional long-term revenue by utilizing the fee-in tariff in the state.

In New York, a farmer had land that was close to a substation. It’s ideal for community solar. We are building a smaller system for them that they were able to leverage as value-add to their employees and customers. In addition, we are building a larger system and paying them for leasing us the land.

State regulation is constantly evolving. These are only a few examples. Contact a solar expert from Genie to see how we can help your business achieve their goals.

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