Commercial Solar Panels

With traditional monofacial solar modules, only the sunlight hitting their front side can be harnessed. Prism’s bifacial modules go even further and tap into light scattered from clouds and surrounding surfaces- something that would otherwise be lost with a standard module. This makes them exceptionally effective at capturing energy through all kinds of conditions!

Lease Your Land - Starting at $1000 per acre

Solar Land Lease

If you are looking to turn your unused land into a massive revenue generator, a community solar land lease is a huge opportunity for you. Our solar farm projects start around $1,000 per acre. Let’s connect to see what you land qualifies for.

EV Charger Installation

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Installing an EV charging station is one way to show that your business is embracing new technology and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability initiatives. This can be especially beneficial if you are in an industry where customers care about environmentally-friendly practices.

Financial Advantages

Energy Strategy

Genie Solar Energy makes it simple. Our dedicated commercial energy solutions experts work for our customers to provide reliable, affordable, and renewable solutions with great long-term savings and a quick ROI. Every system is designed for each application, dependent upon your rooftop size, condition and shading. The design takes advantage of optimum efficiency and effective tax credits. Genie Solar Energy offers a number of standard and unique solutions to maximize the solar output.



A Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) is a contract between an energy buyer and the developer of a renewable energy project, such as a solar array. In this agreement, the buyer guarantees the developer will receive a set price for the energy, and the developer receives the renewable energy credits (RECs) for the energy that is generated and sold. These contracts are typically for 10-20 years.



Solar carports do not require a roof or surface to attach the solar panels. The panels themselves serve as the roof. These systems are essentially taller ground-mounted solar panels, simply lifted high enough so that vehicles can fit beneath. A solar carport, not depending on an existing structure, can be designed to optimize the positioning of the solar panels to maximize the amount of energy produced.

Ground Mount

Ground Mount

Some roofs are not well suited to solar energy systems. They may be too small, have limited space available due to other rooftop installations, or have limited sun exposure.



Your business’s roof may be underutilized. An ordinary rooftop can become an energy-producing asset. Genie Solar Energy offers a variety of products and configurations to meet efficiency and ROI goals. We consider sun exposure, available space, and reflectivity to configure the best solution for your business.


A surging cost on any business’s utility bill is the demand charge – often making up 50-75% of the utility bill. The demand charge is the highest 15-minute interval of usage within the billing period. For some businesses this is when all of the machines turn on for the 7am shift. For others it hits around 3pm when the sun is the hottest and the air conditioning is working hardest to keep up.


In the last few years, commercial battery storage technology has advanced, making solar battery storage a real option for many companies. Using battery storage can lower electricity costs for your business by reducing utility demand charges. Additionally, when paired with solar, it can provide backup generation without relying on fuel deliveries.

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