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Boston, MA Commercial Solar

The experts at our commercial solar company in Boston will get to know your business, your goals, and your available assets to create the perfect, individualized solar energy solution. We can accommodate businesses in leases and businesses without space to install solar on their property. Get started by learning more about our commercial energy solutions for Boston businesses.

The Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy

Working with our commercial solar company in Boston can benefit your business in the following ways:

  1. It reduces operational expenses
  2. Allows your business to own its own power generation assets
  3. Hedges electricity prices long-term
  4. Provides tax benefit and/or incentives
  5. Meets supply chain sustainability goals
  6. Opens additional financing opportunities
  7. Satisfies employee and customer concerns with climate change
  8. Provides a competitive advantage against competition
  9. Fulfills municipal building code regulation
  10.  Is one important step towards reducing grid dependance

Different Commercial Solar Solutions for Boston

Boston Rooftop Solar

We can turn an ordinary rooftop into an energy-producing asset for your business. The best roofs for solar are typically larger with limited shading or obstructions, but we will take all aspects into consideration to configure the best solution for you. We will work with your roofing company to ensure that your roof warranty is not disrupted.

If you have an older roof that is due for a replacement, talk to our experts first to leverage some of the roof replacement costs and take advantage of the Investment Tax Credit.

Boston Ground Mount Solar

A roof may be too small, have limited space, or offer limited sun exposure which will not make the most of your commercial solar energy in Boston. If your roof is not well suited to commercial energy solutions, Genie Solar can help you optimize available onsite or offsite land with ground-mounted solar. Options include:

  • Standard Ground Mount – This option places several poles in the ground, with a racking system on top to hold the panels. These systems keep the panels fixed in one position. It is easy and cost-effective to install.
  • Pole Mount – These systems work well for installing a few solar panels. The panels are mounted on the top of a pole and have a tilt and swivel feature. The panels can be adjusted manually or using an automatic tracker to improve the solar output.

Boston Carport Solar

An option that kills two birds with one stone is installing solar carports. If your business has a wide-open stretch of pavement, you could turn it into a major electricity generator that simultaneously provides shade and protects vehicles for your employees. The carports do not require a roof or surface to attach solar panels to as the panels will act as the carport roof. We will design your solar carport to maximize the amount of energy produced to save you money.

Having a solar-powered carport that offers EV chargers will make your company more attractive to employees and clients. Let Genie Solar help you find the best solar carport solution for your business.

VPPA with a Commercial Solar Company in Boston

A Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) is a 10-20-year contract between an energy buyer and the developer of a renewable energy project. This contract can provide a company with the space for a solar installation that is larger than their energy requirements to contract with other businesses without a suitable property so both can take advantage of the benefits of solar energy.

SMART Program

The Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program provides per-kWh incentives to solar PV projects up to 5 MW. The program is capped at an aggregate of 1,600 MW, and incentives are available in Eversource, National Grid, and Unitil territories. to learn  more about the SMART program visit our program page or the Massachusetts information page.

Contact the experts at Genie Solar to schedule an inspection of your business’s facility and see how Boston commercial solar energy could work for you.

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