Some roofs are not well suited to solar energy systems. They may be too small, have limited space available due to other rooftop installations, or have limited sun exposure.

Genie Solar can help you optimize available acreage, either onsite or offsite, to meet your solar goals. Does your business have land to spare? With good sun exposure? Or brownfields you could use for green energy?

Ground-mounted solar arrays may be a good fit for your business. Genie Solar can help determine if they will work for you. There are options:

  • A standard ground mount places several poles in the ground, with a racking system on top to hold the panels. Standard ground mounting systems keep the panels fixed in one position. It is easy and cost-effective to install, but the efficiency of a system with moveable panels to take advantage of the sun may be more beneficial to your company. We can help you consider the options for your business.
  • Pole mounts work well for installing a few solar panels. The panels are mounted on the top of a pole and have a tilt and swivel feature. The panels can be adjusted manually or using an automatic tracker to improve the solar output.

Ground-mounted solar power has many benefits. If you do not have an ideal roof but you do have access to a wide-open space with plenty of sunshine, then a ground-mount system could work for your business.

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