Creating cover for your customers and/or employees to park, while leveraging the space to generate solar power, is another option. Many businesses have embraced the idea of installing massive solar carports in their parking lots to

  • provide shade and protect vehicles
  • turn a wide-open stretch of pavement into a major electricity generator
  • save money through efficient energy production

Solar carports do not require a roof or surface to attach the solar panels. The panels themselves serve as the roof. These systems are essentially taller ground-mounted solar panels, simply lifted high enough so that vehicles can fit beneath. A solar carport, not depending on an existing structure, can be designed to optimize the positioning of the solar panels to maximize the amount of energy produced.

A solar carport adds value to the property by upgrading the parking as well as producing clean energy. Combined with EV chargers in the parking lots, many businesses find solar carports are attractive to their clients and their employees.

There are designs to maximize the style, convenience and cost as well as the power generated by a carport. A seamless glass-on-glass application can create a waterproof roofing system, providing an aesthetically pleasing solution to energy production. Some states even have incentives for solar canopy structures over ground mount to encourage this efficient use of space.

Let Genie Solar help you find the best solution for your business.

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