Your business’s roof may be underutilized. An ordinary rooftop can become an energy-producing asset. Genie Solar Energy offers a variety of products and configurations to meet efficiency and ROI goals. We consider sun exposure, available space, and reflectivity to configure the best solution for your business.

What makes a roof good for solar?

Larger roofs with limited shading and limited obstructions (think large HVAC units) provide the best ROI to investors.

What if my roof is old?

If your roof is older and you are considering replacing it, talk to a solar expert on how you could potentially leverage some of the roof replacement costs and take advantage of the Investment Tax Credit [link].

Will solar put a lot of weight on my roof?

Most solar arrays are only adding 2-5 pounds per square foot. We have only met one roof we haven’t been able to build on – unfortunately the business owner was already experiencing sagging when it snowed, to the point they were snow blowing it off!

How will it affect my roofing warranty?

Genie Solar will work with your roofing company to ensure that your roof warranty is not disrupted.

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