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Boston, MA Commercial Energy Solutions

As the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston is a thriving center of education, research, business, and innovation. The city is even considered a global pioneer in entrepreneurship and innovation with several thousand startups as well as various businesses that rank highly in environmental sustainability and investment.

Genie Solar Energy provides community solar and commercial solar for Boston to help industries lower energy expenses, reduce environmental impact, and improve energy reliability. The solar energy company provides reliable, affordable, and renewable solutions designed to offer great long-term savings and a quick ROI. Energy systems are uniquely designed for each business and application depending on various conditions. Learn more about the benefits of community or commercial solar energy for your company in Boston.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Systems in Boston

Commercial solar energy helps businesses:

  • Lower energy expenses
  • Gain long-term budget certainty
  • Improve energy reliability
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Improve their brand image
  • Leverage incentives

Your business might see a return on investment with solar energy in Boston in just 2-4 years when leveraging federal, state, and local incentives. Imagine it could provide your business with lifetime savings of $1.37 million+ while adding $34k++ in sunk costs back into your budget.

Commercial Energy Solutions Provided by Genie Solar

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar energy can make your business more profitable by hedging electricity costs and reducing operational expenses. It also helps launch eco-conscious businesses into the future of renewable energy. The right commercial solar system for your Boston-based business will vary depending on your goals, assets, and finances. Talk to the team at Genie Solar Energy to learn more about personalized commercial solar solutions.

Community Solar for Business

Until recently, businesses could only take advantage of solar energy if they had a roof suitable for solar panels. Things have changed with the emergence of community solar in Boston. With community solar solutions, any business can take advantage of solar power whether they have a suitable roof or not. Find out more about how you can take advantage of community solar via Genie Solar.


Solar battery storage is now a real option for many companies in Boston thanks to advancements in technology. Battery storage can lower electricity costs by reducing utility demand charges. It can also provide backup generation when paired with solar energy.


The demand charge is the highest 15-minute interval of usage within the billing period and often makes up well over half of a utility bill. Energy Genie Solar Energy systems include a proprietary SmarterMeter, so businesses can access energy usage data and take control of their energy costs.

Rooftop Solar Panels

Turn the roof of your business into an energy-producing asset with solar panels in Boston. Genie Solar Energy delivers personalized rooftop solar solutions that take into account the sun exposure, available space, and reflectivity of your roof.

Ground Mount

In the event that the roof of a business is not well suited to solar energy systems, Genie Solar can optimize available acreage to meet solar goals. This can work with onsite or offsite land.


Installing massive solar carports in your parking lots can provide shade and protect employee vehicles while saving your money through efficient energy production. Get in touch with Genie Solar to inquire about turning a wide-open stretch of pavement into a major electricity generator.


A Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) is a contract between an energy buyer and the developer of a renewable energy project. In a VPPA, the buyer guarantees the developer will receive a set price for the energy, and the developer receives the renewable energy credits for the energy that is generated and sold.


Inquire About Commercial Solar Financing & Installation

Genie Solar Energy is the trusted commercial solar company in Boston dedicated to helping small businesses and large corporations improve their bottom lines. Contact them to learn more about their solar energy solutions.


SMART Program

The Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program provides per-kWh incentives to solar PV projects up to 5 MW. The program is capped at an aggregate of 1,600 MW, and incentives are available in Eversource, National Grid, and Unitil territories. to learn  more about the SMART program visit our program page or the Massachusetts information page.

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