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Boston Industrial Solar Company

Genie Solar Energy is a global energy solutions company focused on delivering sustainable and energy-resilient facilities for clients. We are a fully owned subsidiary of Genie Energy Ltd (NYSE:GNE). Our industrial solar company based in Boston was founded in 2004 under IDT Energy and spun off from our parent company in 2011.

We design, construct and install commercial solar energy solutions for companies all over the US, and we don’t stop there. Genie Energy has several brands serving commercial and industrial customers and can help develop a complete energy strategy for your business in Boston.

You have your business to run. We can give you the power to run it.

Boston Industrial Solar Panels

We specialize in commercial and industrial solar panels for Boston and beyond. You may be curious how exactly solar panels work to produce energy for your business. Solar panels are photovoltaic panels composed of many silicon semiconductor cells with elements that activate electrons. The energy from sunlight drives those electrons into the electrical circuit connected to the panel. This sustainable energy system is perfectly safe when properly designed and installed and should last up to 30 years or longer.

The services provided by Genie Solar include:

  • Rooftop solar
  • Carport solar
  • Ground-mount solar
  • Community solar solutions
  • VPPA
  • Solar battery storage

The Benefits of Genie Solar Energy for Boston

Industrial solar power provides the following benefits to businesses of all sizes and scopes:

  • It reduces operational expenses
  • It allows your business to own its own power generation assets
  • It hedges electricity prices long-term
  • It provides tax benefit and/or incentives
  • It meets supply chain sustainability goals
  • It opens additional financing opportunities
  • It satisfies employee and customer concerns with climate change
  • It provides a competitive advantage against competition
  • It fulfills municipal building code regulation
  • It is one important step towards reducing grid dependance

Industrial Solar Financing

The biggest hurdle for smaller businesses and startups is finding the funds to install a high-quality industrial solar energy system. The good news is that we make going solar affordable by offering multiple ways to finance your industrial solar energy in Boston.

We will take into account your tax appetite, qualified incentives, and how you view debt on your balance sheet. A few topics our solar experts might cover in the initial evaluation to determine the best financing solution may include:

  • If you currently have tax liability to take advantage of the tax incentives
  • What your ROI target is
  • If you have an existing relationship with a commercial lender
  • Who owns the building you operate out of and if there is a mortgage on it
  • If you are ok to show debt on your balance sheet

We will then provide multiple finance options and the best financing partner based on rates and contract terms. Our industrial solar company may even offer to finance the project ourselves. Once you decide which option is best for your needs.

About the Solar Investment Tax Credit & Other Federal Incentives for Solar energy

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal income tax credit that can reduce your federal income taxes by 26% of project costs.

Rural and Agricultural businesses may also qualify for the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). Businesses must qualify for the program and there must be available funds to take advantage of this federal incentive. If you qualify, we will include this in our analysis.

SMART Program

The Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program provides per-kWh incentives to solar PV projects up to 5 MW. The program is capped at an aggregate of 1,600 MW, and incentives are available in Eversource, National Grid, and Unitil territories. to learn  more about the SMART program visit our program page or the Massachusetts information page.

Contact Genie Solar to learn more about our industrial solar company and the services we provide.

Genie Energy Ltd., (NYSE: GNE, GNEPRA) is a global energy solutions company. We supply customers in the US and Europe with electricity, including electricity generated from renewable resources and with natural gas. Through Genie Solar Energy and Prism Solar, we design, construct and install commercial solar energy solutions. We provide commercial and industrial clients with energy brokerage and consultative services through our Diversegy brand.