Energy Experts

Energy Experts

Genie Solar Energy, LLC (GSE) is backed by publicly-traded Genie Energy, Ltd (NYSE: GNE). With an extensive history in the energy industry and a balance sheet to support our customers, commercial customers can rest assured that we will be a solar partner in the long-term.

Having helped hundreds of thousands of customers with energy supply choices since 2004, Genie Energy’s management team has over a hundred years worth of combined experience in all aspects of the energy supply chain, from exploration and procurement to brokerage and optimization.

As a publicly traded company, our balance sheet supports the ability to back large scale projects. Our customers can rest assured that we will be here in 15, 20, and 30 plus years from now.

On Staff Experts

Through Genie Energy’s commercial services division, we have a multitude of energy experts at your disposal. From Prism Solar, a USA bi-facial solar manufacture, to Diversegy, a commercial energy advisor, plus our own on-staff engineer with a deep background in energy storage, we understand energy from end to end.

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Prism Solar

Energy Contract Review

Genie Solar Energy reviews any existing energy supply contracts to understand the impact of solar may have on an existing agreement. Diversegy, a sister company and commercial energy advisor, has relationships with all the top suppliers in the country. It is important to ensure going solar will not incur fees due to material change language in a contract. In addition, your existing supplier may not support a net meter, also impacting your agreement.

Wholistic Solutions

Genie Solar Energy is an energy obsessed company. Beyond just solar, we are a commercial energy advisory firm helping clients to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and improve their bottom lines. How? Through the development and implementation of energy utilization and sourcing strategies. We work with our customers to lower their energy supply costs, reduce their consumption with LED upfitting and other means, as well as provide on- and off-site generation with solar.

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