In the last few years, commercial battery storage technology has advanced, making solar battery storage a real option for many companies. Using battery storage can lower electricity costs for your business by reducing utility demand charges. Additionally, when paired with solar, it can provide backup generation without relying on fuel deliveries.

This is how it works:

When the sun shines, you get solar power. But your company may need energy when the sun goes down, and could incur high charges from the power company. These are demand charges, based on the highest 15 minutes of usage during your billing cycle. These charges can add up to 50% of your bill – or even more.

Your Genie Solar energy system can be designed to include battery storage. With the help of the “SmarterMeter” included in every system from Genie, you can set up the batteries to discharge energy at the times when energy usage spikes, which can cut your demand charges substantially.

Our clients consider the cost of electricity (demand), eligible incentives, and business needs to determine the viability of a battery solution. It’s a rapidly evolving technology, with increasing incentives, better control software, and increased life-span. Our experts can help you determine if your business would benefit – now or in the near future.

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