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Explaining the 2023 REAP Grant Requirements

Explaining the 2023 REAP Grant Requirements

The REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) grant is a great way for businesses in rural and agricultural communities to reduce their energy bills and help the environment by leveraging renewable energy sources. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced some exciting changes coming to the program. These changes will take effect in March […]

the growing benefits of installing EV chargers

The Growing Benefits of Installing EV Chargers at Your Business

As the world moves towards a greener future, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular. To keep up with this trend, many businesses are now installing EV chargers and charging stations at their premises. Installing such a station can not only help you stay ahead of the curve but also provide your business with numerous […]

Genie Solar to proceed with community solar farm

Genie Solar to Proceed with First Company-Owned Community Solar Project

PRESS RELEASE – GENIE ENERGY Genie Solar Achieves Notice to Proceed with Construction of Its First Company-Owned, Community Solar Generation Project.  Notice to proceed expected for a second project in early 2023 NEWARK, NJ – December 6, 2022:  Genie Energy Ltd., (NYSE: GNE, GNEPRA), a leading retail energy and renewable energy solutions provider, provided an update […]

Integra Commercial Solar Case Study

Integra Biosciences

Integra Biosciences’ Commercial Solar project achieves 22% IRR and aligns with the company’s global sustainability goals and commitments. The two installations total 572-kW and generate enough power to offset 844,000 kWh.

Understanding commercial solar operating leases

Understanding Commercial Solar Operating Leases

We all know Solar is a great option for businesses because it can save money on energy bills and help reduce carbon emissions, but sometimes upfront installation and system costs can be prohibitive. Thankfully, there are a few different opportunities to finance your commercial solar project. One popular method is an operating lease. In this […]

2022 IRA bill implications on commercial solar

2022 IRA Commercial Solar Implications

Are you asking “How will the new IRA bill affect my solar project?”? Well, there is a lot to unpack to answer that question. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions regarding the new IRA bill that will help you navigate the changes. Right now the passage of the IRA will allow commercial business to take a […]

REAP Grant Solar

What You Need to Know About the REAP Grant

How to Use the REAP Grant to Offset the Cost of Going Solar Commercial solar is becoming more and more popular as business owners look for ways to reduce their energy costs and maintain energy price stability. But what many people don’t know is that there are government grants, tax credits, and other incentives available […]

Electricity rates on the rise

Electricity Rates On the Rise

Electricity rates have been on the rise across the globe for the past several years – China has experienced power outages to a point they couldn’t harvest their primary crops like soybeans; Europe has never-before-seen energy rates and rolling brown outs – all before the pandemic began. Then the pandemic hit, and the issues with […]

Genie Energy Ltd., (NYSE: GNE, GNEPRA) is a global energy solutions company. We supply customers in the US and Europe with electricity, including electricity generated from renewable resources and with natural gas. Through Genie Solar Energy and Prism Solar, we design, construct and install commercial solar energy solutions. We provide commercial and industrial clients with energy brokerage and consultative services through our Diversegy brand.